Android Studio Installation
  1. If you are using Mac, no need to download JDK. It is installed by default. If you are using windows then you need to download.

    Install first the JDK, you must download the correct architecture because some problems might occur upon running the IDE. Any Install location will do as long as the folder isnt locked or restricted access for writing.

    Dowload link for JDK

  2. Download and Extract the Android Studio, you can download it here

  3. Go to the downloaded DMG or EXE file and begin installing it. Please wait as it takes time to install depending on your hardware requirements.

  4. Once finish installing open the Android Studio by finding it in the Spotlight. You can drag the Icon and put in your dock to create shortcut.

  5. In Android Studio Welcome Screen, SELECT Open an existing Android Studio project

  6. Locate the BylancerClassified Folder, this may differ according to where did you store the project folder. After selecting it press Open button.

  7. Wait for it to finish updating the gradle files to adapt on your environment and system settings. This may take few minutes so PATIENCE is a MUST.

  8. You will encounter this during import. Just simply press OK button

  9. Since it is the first time you installed the Android Studio, it is natural that it wont run without having an errors.

    You will noticed this message logged below stating that you need to install missing platforms. Click the link and follow the installation. wait for it to finish. And you are good to go.

  10. Wait for it to finish syncing and you are good to go. PLEASE CONSIDER USING A REAL AND UPDATED DEVICE TO RUN THE APP

  11. Then you are done. Congrats!!

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