Firebase and Notification Setup
  1. Step 1: Open Firebase Console

    Firebase Console

  2. Step 2: Click on Create Project
  3. Step 3: Enter Project Name, accept the terms and conditions and click continue

  4. Step 4: Click continue again
  5. Step 5: Select location then accept all terms and conditions and then click on Create Project
  6. Step 6: You have created Project on Firebase Successfully. Click on Continue
  7. Step 7: Click on Project Overview -> Project Settings
  8. Step 8: Enter Support Email id (Mandatory)
  9. Step 9: Scroll down and select Android icon (2nd icon)
  10. Step 10: Enter your Android app package name (you can get it from Android Manifest file) and other details
  11. Step 11: Download google-service.json
  12. Step 12: Open app in Android Studio as guided in Previous Tutorial

    Import Project to Android Studio

  13. Step 13: Select project from dropdown
  14. Step 14: Navigate to -> app and paste google-service.json
  15. Step 15: Set server key for Push Notification on Admin Panel -> Open Admin Panel -> Select Settings
  16. Step 16: Select Android App Setting
  17. Step 16: Copy Server key from Firebase. Select Project Overview in Firebase dashboard -> Project Settings -> Cloud Messaging and Copy Server Key
  18. Step 17: Paste in GCM Firebase Server Key on Admin Panel under Android Settings
  19. Then run your app, you are done. Congrats!!

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